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Phenolic glue impregnated paper is a veneer paper

Phenolic glue impregnated paper is a veneer paper

Phenolic glue impregnated paper is a veneer paper impregnated with phenolic resin, which is used to improve the surface properties of wood-based panels, and has been widely used in the building water formwork industry.
PSF is self-curing under high temperature and high pressure conditions and is used in hardwoods, boards with underlying paper and softwood cladding.
Advantages Wide range of uses - PSF has a variety of uses, such as cement formwork, car floor, containers, cabinets, storage racks, and cabinets.
Persistence - PSF is resistant to acids, alkalis, organic chemicals, neutrals and acidic salts, thus greatly improving the turnover of cement formwork.
Outdoor use - PSF veneer wood-based panels have good weather resistance and do not require finishing.
Visual effect one can cover the irregular defects of the substrate and form a uniform solid surface.
Machinability - good for sawing, grooving and drilling. It can reduce the damage and edge collapse of the veneer.

Product Specifications of Template Paper:

Material Paper, Phenolic Glue Shape Flaky
Grade Grade AA Veneer Type Impregnated
Formaldehyde Emission Standards E0 Thickness 0.3mm
Certification CARB, ISO9001, FSC Color Black, Brown, Bark Brown
Usage Outdoor, Film Face for Plywood, building template Packaging Iron Tray
Glue Phenolic Glue Size 4X8foot, 3X6foot
Weight 160G/M2, 180G/M2 Raw Paper 60G/M2, 70G/M2
Loading 20FT, 40FT Delivery Time Within 14days
Trademark marineplex, superplex Specification GB
Origin Linyi City, Shandong Province, China

Building template Impregnated paper technical information:
Storage Conditions - We recommend that PSF be stored in a cool, dry environment (23C73C], relative temperature 50%, after sealing in the original packaging.
Hot-pressing process: The commonly used hot-pressing process parameters are 130-140C, 6-7MIN, 14-18KG/CSM[200-225psij.
Backing plate 1 Usually in the process of hot pressing HDO, in order to obtain a smooth surface, a chrome-plated stainless steel plate or an aluminum plate is used as a backing plate.
Widely used in the veneer of cabinets, wardrobes and laminate floors.
After the veneer paper is impregnated with melamine glue and some additives, it is the melamine impregnated paper and board (density board, particle board, plywood), which is hot-pressed by the hot-pressing machine steel plate to become the veneer board.
The melamine impregnated paper varies according to the function of the base paper. If you want to achieve the effect of decoration, you should use colored paper; if you want to have a wear-resistant effect, you should use wear-resistant paper; if you want to achieve the effect of mechanical balance, then Use balance paper.

Precautions for the use of impregnated cardboard:
(1) Ensure that it is fully dry and flat before installation.
(2) After paving, sun exposure should be avoided to prevent accelerated fading.
(3) Vacuum cleaners or semi-dry rags should be used for daily cleaning, and a large amount of water should not be used for washing to avoid a sharp increase in moisture content, expansion and deformation, or even scrapping.
(4) When moving heavy objects, furniture, etc., it is advisable to lift, do not drag, and avoid heavy or sharp objects hitting and scratching to prevent damage.

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