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Small knowledge of decorative paper

Small knowledge of decorative paper

Decorative paper is a kind of decorative paper, which is used for decoration and protection, and is mainly used for furniture, laminate flooring and Fire board and other fields. Decorative paper printing is a very specialized field with high technology and standards. The quality of decorative paper mainly depends on factors such as raw materials, printing technology, quality control and so on.

1. The main raw materials used in printing decorative paper are base paper and ink, which play a decisive role in the quality of decorative paper and have a great impact on subsequent dipping and pressing.
The base paper used for printing decorative paper is a titanium dioxide paper with a gram weight of 70-85 grams. It is a high-grade industrial specialty paper and must be adapted to high-speed gravure printing and high-speed resin impregnation.
The ink is a water-based non-toxic ink and must meet environmental protection requirements. The ink is required to be bright in color, strong in color development, fine and clear in the dots of the printed product, full and firm. The ink is resistant to high temperature and hot pressing, and has excellent light fastness and melamine resistance. UV resistance rating and thermal stability are the two most important indicators of decorative paper printing inks, which are determined by the unique requirements of decorative paper products.
The selection of high-quality base paper and ink is the key to decorative paper printing, which can not only reflect the layered texture of decorative paper printing, but also ensure the stability of subsequent dipping and pressing.

2. Decorative paper printing has very high requirements for fine levels, plus the wide printing width and the large amount of ink, normal flexo printing and offset printing cannot meet the needs, and gravure printing has become the best choice.
With the further improvement of engraving technology, the use of high-frequency scanners from nature, computer color separation, and laser engraving have greatly improved the accuracy of the plate roller and provided a prerequisite for the printing of decorative paper. Especially the water-based special plate roller specially developed for decorative paper printing, the layout texture is clearer, the color tone is brighter, and the processing of details has been improved to a very high level, making the development of decorative paper quality a qualitative leap. Based on the market and taking materials from nature, we constantly develop novel and personalized designs and provide customers with more choices.
The production of decorative paper adopts gravure printing, which has the characteristics of large amount of ink and high overprinting accuracy, and can obtain the best printing effect. In addition, gravure printing also has good brightness, can achieve an overprint accuracy of ±0.1mm, and has high repeatability, which can better adapt to the printing requirements of decorative paper. High-speed gravure printing machine for decorative paper, featuring fast speed, better printing stability and reliability. Randomly equipped with auxiliary equipment such as automatic registration control system, shaftless transmission system, online quality inspection system, tension automatic control system, etc., which greatly improves the quality of decorative paper, reduces the waste rate, and provides a hardware basis for the high-grade decorative paper. .

3. The printing quality of decorative paper is mainly reflected in the selection of raw materials, the control of the printing process, and the detection of printed products. The quality of decorative paper has a very large impact on downstream products such as impregnated paper, veneer, furniture and flooring. The key to the control of the printing quality of decorative paper is the control of the color difference of the decorative paper.
The color difference of decorative paper refers to the printed decorative paper and the standard sample, under the same dipping conditions and the same pressing conditions, the finished product can distinguish the difference in color at the same position when the human eye distance is 250cm and the field of view is 10°. . Strictly speaking, it is unrealistic for decorative paper to be 100% color-free. What we usually call achromatic aberration refers to the obvious chromatic aberration that no human eye can distinguish. The main factors for the color difference of decorative paper lie in raw materials, personnel skills, process technology and so on.

Raw material is one of the main factors that determine the color consistency of decorative paper. The color difference, covering and absorption properties of the base paper itself will affect the color difference of the decorative paper. The chromatic aberration of the base paper is too large and cannot be corrected by printing; the covering of the base paper is not good, and the same decorative paper is pressed onto different artificial boards, which will reveal the color of the substrate and cause chromatic aberration; the surface smoothness of the base paper is not high , The absorption performance is uneven, which will lead to uneven ink supply during printing, which will cause color difference. Different batches of ink, or ink stability can also cause color differences in decorative paper printing.

The quality of technical personnel is also very important for decorative paper printing. The familiarity of the coloring personnel with the raw materials, the technical level of the ink preparation, the operation skills of the printing machine personnel, and the quality of the management personnel and inspection personnel of the standard samples, any problem will cause color difference.

Post time: Aug-11-2022