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Decorative paper is an essential raw material in many building materials products.

Decorative paper is an essential raw material in many building materials products.

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Decorative paper is generally pasted on wood substrates and made into decorative materials, which can be used as furniture, laminate flooring production and other indoor and outdoor surface decoration materials. Chunsen’s decorative paper is used as the carrier of color, no matter white or colored paper, its excellent quality performance is convenient for printing, dipping processing process, especially in the application of HPL and LPL, of course, our printing backing paper and pre-impregnation The paper quality is just as good.

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For collages, home decor, stationery, scrapbooking, and more, decorative paper can provide the textured variation needed to make your projects stand out. At Chunsen you will find a range of premium decorative papers that will bring a fresh, unique appeal to any multimedia work, in this collection you will find the perfect colour and texture for your masterpiece.

With this collection, the only limit is your imagination. We offer a huge selection of decorative papers, each offering a special touch that will look amazing when used in current or future art projects. One of the most special features of the collection is that many of these papers are handcrafted using complex and often traditional techniques to produce colour, texture and overall appearance. Choose from options like lace paper, which are great for layering, block printing, acrylic painting, book making, and more. Creating invitations or binding books? Shop our marble, screen printing and embossing decorative papers. Want a dissertation that can be used for many different types of projects? Thai paper does just that, as a pure choice for everything from gift wrapping to home decor and hand printing. Similar to this is Filipino paper, which is also quite sheer and light, yet strong and flexible. You can also find Nepali, papyrus and bark papers in this one-of-a-kind collection. Many of these decorative papers are available in a variety of colors, so you can mix and match to add to your art supplies.


Our decorative papers provide the ideal base for surface preparation. How do we do it? Because we only use the highest quality technical papers and a high-quality color printing system free of heavy metals. This means we can guarantee optimum print results and a perfect impregnation process - no matter what texture or gloss you decide to use. Realistic wood effects, different stone looks, textile or metal surface effects - our TEC0 PRINTE print collection adds more than 100 new decor designs every year.


Smart Living
An openly designed multi-media home. It looks trendy yet, in our view, timeless. High-tech products are integrated into the individual furniture items and invisibly connected to one another. The aesthetics of the decors and the design language of the furnishing elements look clean and understated.


All in One
Furniture is no longer strictly assigned to one room. It is so versatile in function and design that it can be used throughout the house. The decor plays an important role here. This bedroom which merges seamlessly into a bathroom and houses a skilfully-integrated workplace. Despite the very limited space requirement, the room appears airy, modern and spacious.


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